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Evidence-based Wellbeing Video Series
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Introduction to the Wellbeing & Happiness video series for Teenagers

Based on Positive Psychology, the study
of what we do and can do to be well and happy.

Easily absorbed, with stories and visual explanations. Prevents anxiety and depression.

Teenage Video Series
Wellbeing & Happiness Skills
Seven 12-minute videos on 2 DVDs
24+ Lessons ~ Handouts ~ Lesson Plans
Additional meditation/reflection videos.
Website and App. BROCHURE

Builds resilience, self-responsibility,
social skills and wellness.

Evidence-based Well-being Skills
with opportunities to practise.
Specifically for Secondary School,
although relevant at all stages of life.

Teacher: 'I feel it has improved the students' sense of well-being. The pupils learned how making the right decision makes your day and your life.
As a class they decided that if they saw someone doing something nice they would say 'well done'.'

Student Sinead, 17: 'We had never had anything like this before. Most of it was about how to take the positive out of the negative.'
Student Manus, 16: 'It made us open up about stuff you normally would not discuss with other lads. Everyone changed, became nicer'
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