Aviva Stadium 2018 - Happiness Skills Irish

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit
We were delighted to finally present the Wellbeing and Happiness Video Series for Secondary Schools with Lesson Plans and Handouts, Teachers' Booklets and this Supporting Website.

The event took place at the Aviva Stadium, a fabulous venue with lots of positive energy and a view to the stadium where my birth country Denmark would be playing Ireland the following Saturday (it ended up a draw so I didn't have to take sides, phew).

Thank you to all the teachers, career guidance workers and many other interested parties who called by and took a brochure. Very dedicated and caring people! NEXT:
Zeminar 2018 in the RDS 13th-15th November
contact Michaela Avlund 086 169 2506 avlund.dk@gmail.com
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