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Michaela loves cycling and walking in scenic places.
She Irish set-dancing and singing in choir.

She often travels to Denmark and Norway, where she spent her childhood and youth, to link up with family and friends whilst promoting the skills.

In 2017 she lectured in South Africa whilst promoting her Happiness Skills book.
Michaela initially took a BA in Applied Social Care but when she discovered Positive Psychology she continued on in London to take a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology as she found this study of what we do when we are well and happy to be in line with her own discoveries over the past 2o years.

Michaela has been giving classes, workshops and lectures on the Happiness Skills which she has put together in her book and now in this video series of Happiness Skills for 13-19 year olds. Due to the amazing positive outcome of the 'Happiness Skills' series she taught in a Secondary School Michaela created this video series in order that all students get an opportunity to empower themselves through the study of what we human beings do and can do to keep ourselves well and happy. While academic and IT skills are offered to all students, many students are not aware of the power they have on a personal level to create a beautiful and caring life for themselves and others. These are skills that need to be made a space for in the educational system otherwise depression and addiction can get the upperhand when really these are preventable.

Her own mother's breakdown inspired her to passionately seek for the 'secret' of happiness and well-being in order to help minimise the depression and mental difficulties that many people, young and older, experience due to lack of support or understanding of their own amazing potential for wellness.

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