TURN to Optimism - Happiness Skills Irish

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T => Tell your story of how this difficult situation came about

U => Understand how this is so bad for you

R => Result of this 'negative' interpretation

N => Numerous new ways to view the incident and create healthier brain activity

Ways of checking if I have found a better point of view:

BENEFIT - it can help us to

  • turn a negative experience to a more advantageous viewpoint. It empowers us to handle challenges positively.

This technique builds on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

  • it gets us out of a depressing and oppressing point of view into a creative and optimistic space where we can make helpful decisions for ourselves.

It takes time and focus like any sport or skill worth developing, but it is not difficult.
E => Energy, do I feel more energetic?

D => Do, what will I do now that I have gained a more positive attitude?
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